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This is the home page for the parasitology teaching resources to support pre-clinical parasitology teaching on the BVM&S programme. These pages give you access to materials used during lectures and practical classes, further reading and examples of examination questions. Some sections also have links to Internet sites where you can find extra information on particular parasites - these are a mix of "professional" and "popular" sites so that you are be aware of information that clients might be picking up from the internet.

All the material is designed to be accessed through a web browser such as Netscape and Internet Explorer. You will find it easier to read some of the pages if you run the browser "full screen" rather than in a window. 

Some  of the material relating to lectures is provided as Portable Document Format (PDF) files that require a pdf reader such as  Adobe Acrobat Reader to display these files. This should be available on all public access machines in the University but it might not be present on private machines.  Acrobat reader can be downloaded from

If you have any problems accessing this material please contact the local computer support officer or the author of this site


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